Grant Recipients 2009

OatlandsChristian Community Church at St. Paul’s – Catherine Boyd Grant of $5,000 – Located on Harper’s Ferry Road in Neersville, the stone church was built in 1835 as St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. The current congregation purchased the building in 2000.  The funds contributed to a new slate roof for the historic structure.

Banshee Reeks Chapter of the Archeological Society of Virginia – $3,697 – A first time grant recipient, the organization used the award to purchase archaeological equipment to support their field work, laboratory analysis, and documentation. 

Mosby Heritage Area Association – $1,531.60 – Funds were used to print the second edition of the Historic Loudoun County Scavenger Hunt. This booklet is given to school students, visitors, and residents of Loudoun County.

Northern Virginia Regional Parks Authority – $5,000 – The award will go toward funds that are being raised to replace the water wheel at the Aldie Mill.

Oatlands, Inc. – $4,000 – Oatlands received a grant to preserve the garden tea house.  Funds covered the plaster work on the tea house column capitals and the masonry repairs to the brick floor.

Morven Park, Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc. – $2,250 – Conservation work is planned for portraits of the Governor Westmoreland Davis family.  This grant award will cover the conservation of the portrait of Governor Davis’s mother, Annie Lewis Morris Davis, as a child.

Waterford Foundation, Inc. – $3,500 – The grant award partially funded the repair and painting of the exterior walls of the 1891 John Wesley Community Church.

Dodona Manor, George C. Marshall International Center – $2,500 – Several dead trees needed to be removed from the property for safety and aesthetic reasons.  This grant funded the removal of those trees.